Cursive Bookshelf

Low angle view

Crudely drawn in Google Sketchup…

I’d love to build one of these but don’t really know how to do the joinery in a way that would be sturdy enough.

I also don’t know Sketchup well enough to figure out how to get rid of the black triangles that are visible at the joints — those are not an intentional part of the design.

Comments welcome!


7 Responses to “Cursive Bookshelf”

  1. andreaskluth Says:

    How cool! How quickly did you get up and running with SketchUp? I’d quite like to try a few things myself…

    • evanbaily Says:

      It’s pretty intuitive and there’s a broad, deep library of tutorials available on Google Video. You’ll master the basics (creating 2D shapes, extruding them, subdividing them, removing chunks, rotating the view, zooming in and out, etc.) in an hour, but after 20 hours (on and off over the course of a year) I still feel somewhat clumsy when it comes to doing anything precise. Definitely worth playing around with, though.

  2. Derek Says:

    This looks buildable to me–the key is to be sneaky with supports where the folds touch (i.e. on the left side in the middle, hidden bolts could hold the whole sandwich together, also on the right side there appears to be a spot where the folds touch) With the sharp turns, this doesn’t make me think of cursive–it makes me think of a path in PAC MAN! Yes, yes, yes! Seems like a biscuit tool is the key thing here and a good table saw.

  3. andreaskluth Says:

    Dang. I was hoping for “20 minutes” not “20 hours”. That puts it out of reach for the time being.

  4. Eugene Baily Says:

    This is very simple to build. The joinery is basic and requires only miters and glue.

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